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Tonex talks about his recent Breakdown
from The Path MEGAzine

The Path MEGAzine, An online Gospel Video Magazine, got the chance to tape an exclusive interview with the controversial gospel star Tonex earlier this month.

Producer/Interviewer Kris 'KP' Patrick said about his exclusive interview with the troubled artist after a recent concert: "Before the interview, we witnessed Tonex lead a crowd of hundreds in an intense worship experience. The Hope Church of Orlando was unmistakably filled with the presence of God. How could someone so anointed to minister, also be so distracting to the body of Christ?"

The interview, which is split up into two parts, features Tonex speaking about his controversial song 'Naked Truth' which recently caused uproar amongst Christians because of its expletives and explosive lyrics. In the interview, he says about the song "I don't even know where it came was like a volcano of decades and decades of suppressed information, knowledge, anger. It wasn't a Christian song and it wasn't a cry for help, It was a cry that 'I made it'. I [feel I] will become a living sacrifice by being that honest and that transparent."

In the second part of the interview, the interviewer Kris comments about the 'Naked Truth' song, which led to Tonex being dropped by his record label Verity, "It doesn't seem like what a Gospel artist would say" to which Tonex replies "I told you, I'm not a Gospel artist, I'm an artist, period."

Tonex then goes on to state that he has passed his 'baton' on to Tye Tribbett who he believes is the 'next Tonex.' "I told him "This is all you. Have it." There was a time when I was wearing dreads, it was demonic. Ten years later, it's accepted. I'm ahead of my time. When you do stuff ahead of the game, you have to be willing to take the bullets from people who haven't caught up to where you've been."

He goes on to reveal that his future plans include working with the mainstream media, with television, films and soundtrack deals coming up. He is also working on the new Usher single, as well as with Janet Jackson and Brandy on their new records. He also revealed that his new album 'Stereotype: Stealing Velvet' will be out on September 11th, which he says will be "the new 'Purple Rain', the new 'Thriller'."

"view the video". Please be warned, even though this is a track by Tonex, there are explicit lyrics expressed.
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